2017 Guidelines

2017 Grant Guidelines (PDF)

The 2017 Mumbulla Foundation Grants are now CLOSED.  The Mumbulla Foundation 2017 Grants Presentation will be held on Friday 15 December 2017 at the UoW Bega Campus at 3:30 pm. For further information please contact the foundation.

The Mumbulla Foundation is the community foundation of the Bega Valley Shire. It raises money to give grants for charitable purposes to local charity and not-for-profit community organisations. These grants are disbursed in two ways;

  • Annual Grants
  • Emergency Grants

Annual Grants

The Foundation, in partnership with the Bega Valley Shire Council, offers funds each year to improve the economic, environmental, social and cultural well being of people in the Bega Valley Shire. The Bega Valley Shire Council contributes a variable figure to address the priority needs of the  Community Strategic Plan:

[http://www.begavalley.nsw.gov.au/cp_themes/default/page.asp?p=DOC-IPA-62-55-27 where you can download the whole document].  Other funds are raised by membership, voluntary donations, and from the Foundation’s own fund raising activities.

The Foundation’s primary objective is to help locally based groups who are providing and/or creating opportunities and services which may not be readily available in the valley from other sources. Preference (but not absolute preference) will be given to locally based organisations that may not be so readily competitive with external funding bodies. Applications from indigenous groups are strongly encouraged.

Annual Grants consist of Small Grants and Large Grants. Small Grants are awarded for projects under $2000. Large Grants are awarded for projects up to $9000.

To apply for a grant an organisation must:

  • Be incorporated, have an ABN, or be supported or be part of an organisation that is incorporated or has an ABN
  • Be not-for-profit
  • Be located in the Bega Valley Shire
  • Be capable of running the project to completion
  • Be committed to providing significant in-kind contributions and/or voluntary hours
  • Have already obtained written Council Development Consent for any project requiring such approval

The following types of projects may be considered for funding:

  • Workshops, seminars, forums
  • Training, support for volunteers
  • Equipment or facilities that further the objectives of the organisation. Preference will be given to the purchase of equipment which may be usable by a number of groups. Consideration will only be given to major purchases for which a firm quote is provided. For items/services in excess of $2000 at least 2 competitive quotes are required, 3 quotes would be preferable.
  • Community education, environmental, and health projects
  • Community resource or information kits
  • Local history projects
  • Music, theatre, arts or cultural activities or events
  • Local community festivals
  • Funding may be considered for one-off consultant type positions for specific purposes, eg fees for mounting a specific workshop in the Bega valley
  • Travel expenses other than those covered by the exclusion below
  • Simple surveys to gauge the community effectiveness of a group or activity

Funding will NOT be considered for the following projects and/or organisations:

  • Vehicles, equipment maintenance, or for the planning and design work required for such projects
  • Major Capital equipment
  • On-going salaries for permanent or casual positions created to provide ongoing services
  • Travel expenses which do not contribute directly to the delivery of the aims and objects of the group during the period of the grant
  • Completed projects
  • Sporting bodies
  • Animal welfare organisations
  • Religious or political activities
  • Commercial enterprises which are not, not-for-profit organisations
  • Fund raising activities
  • Research projects, especially any projects required for an educational course or degree
  • Insurance premiums for public liability or other risks
  • Grants will not be made to organisations already funded by a Local, State or Federal government agency for the proposed project

To receive a grant the organisation must have acquitted its previous Mumbulla Foundation grant/s.  The acquittal must be received by 30 September of the year following the grant of funding.  Extensions can be granted – please contact Mumbulla Foundation directly to discuss.

Annual grants are awarded in December each year following the receipt of applications during August and September. Details of the process and timetable for each years grants are widely advertised in the media and on the Mumbulla Foundation website.

Emergency Grants

Emergency Grants are awarded under the same general conditions as for Annual Grants. They can be awarded at any time during the year to assist groups deal with unexpected, unforeseen and/or emergency issues. Each group will be required to clearly demonstrate their special need and that the issue could not have been reasonably foreseen when making an application. These grants will be for amounts of less than $2000.

Applying for a Grant

Organisations interested in seeking Mumbulla Foundation Grants need to be aware that they are likely to have a greater chance of success if they have DGR (deductible gift recipient) tax status. Under Australian Tax Office rules the Foundation is only able to give funds received as tax deductible donations to charitable organisations registered as DGRs. Because a large part of our funding comes in this way it limits how much funding is available for bodies that do not have DGR status.

Annual Grants

The annual granting round and call for applications will be advertised each year in July and August. The advertisement will be carried on social media and on the Mumbulla Foundation website.

(i)  An application form must be completed for either a Small or Large Grant as appropriate.

(ii) Application forms are available from the Mumbulla Foundation website. The forms MUST be completed and submitted via email to ‘mumbullafoundationgrants@gmail.com’.

(iii) Completed forms must be received by 5.00 pm, 30 September 2017.

(iv) Applicants having any problems with the interpretation of these guidelines or in filling out the forms are invited to contact the Mumbulla Foundation as detailed below.

(v) Please be aware that the Mumbulla Foundation pays all grants over $2000 in two installments, with the final installment of $250 being paid on receipt of your grant acquittal.

(vi) Please also be aware that you may not receive the full amount you have requested.  The Foundation receives far more very worthwhile submissions than we are able to fully fund.

(vii) If your project is funded you will be required to:

  • Attend the Grant Presentation Ceremony (usually held in Bega) to receive your grant. At this time a representative of your group will be asked to give a brief synopsis of your project
  • Acknowledge the source of funding for your project (in any publicity especially social media posts, websites, and all other forms of publication including press releases etc)
  • Complete the Acquittal process by 30th September 2018.
  • Lodge your acquittal electronically. You must include articles and/or photos that the Mumbulla Foundation can use to demonstrate its role in your project to potential sponsors, donors and the wider community.  We would like digital photos (and videos) of your project to put on the Mumbulla Foundation website and Facebook page.

Emergency Grants

(i) Applications for emergency grants will be accepted at any time during the year following an initial contact with the Mumbulla Foundation as detailed below. Please remember that each group will be required to clearly demonstrate their special need and the unforeseen emergency circumstances when making an application.

(ii) Application for emergency grants must be made on the Small Grants application form with an appropriate notation.

Contact Details

 Email: themumbullafoundation@gmail.com OR mumbullafoundationgrants@gmail.com

 Web: www.mumbulla.org.au

 Phone:  Debbie McGufficke on 0423 203 684

 Postal address: P.O. Box 629, Bega, 2550.